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Brain Eaters inc
to the website for "Brain Eaters Inc" [LUV]. We are a new guild formed 14 Jan 2013 & Dragonbrand is our home server. The main focus of this guild is pvp (tpvp/spvp) as well as Pve (dungeons & grouping for events etc). Mostly we enjoy the idea of teaming up & taking down bosses or other players not to say we do not ever quest solo. Currently we have lots of room for people that want to lead various events in different styles. We run events on a casual basis right now. Lately we have different days that have a theme and/or focus. If interested in participating whisper or contact an officer.

I am really transparent about stuff. There are no "guild secrets," so we will not have drama in that respect.
& the guild will remain relatively small not exceeding 100 people. I figure we will usually be just under 100.
We do not have specific rep requirements however we are a small guild, so we ask that you do participate in some way and rep on occasion. Please at least give at much as you take. Thank you!

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Abi / Jun 15, 2013

General Do Stuff Time: So far that is the best title I can come up with. Basically I have been trying to run casual events on a regular basis, and they sure have been casual. I have not tried in any way to make a "team" for stuff, so the turn-out is really unpredictable at least for right now. The slight problem is I haven't been successful in figuring out how to make said events casual for me too. I have found myself almost acting like my semi-hardcore raider days (except some times I am a tiny bit late to the ones I have been posting, & I was probably late once in a blue moon back than). Okay So Here is my new Idea!
I was thinking of posting "General Do Stuff time" this is an opportunity for fellow brain eaters to get to know each other & do stuff together.. self explanatory title. If you have some thing you would like to do, then just be like "hey who wants to run AC?" granted we are a small guild. So if you have some thing you want to do you may have to grab the bull by its horns & pug for some people ( is very helpful). I will almost always have suggestions for stuff too in case no one has some thing specific. This is an opportunity to do things small too like perhaps having company w/your dailies or doing general map completion stuff. I have noticed a lot of us have different interest, so this way other interest can be incorporated better.
The times I post for the general do stuff time is kind of general. If you get on later you are probably going to take more than two hours, it is just for reference. If you have some where to be after two hours, don't feel bad if you have to bail. Don't feel bad if you have to bail any ways.
So yeah I think that is all I wanted to say about that. I hope the part about this being casual for me is clear. I am not always going to be there, but I will be there most of the time. And I expect I will usually be right on time because I made the times generally work out for me. The only day I can see conflicting w/my Real life stuff some times is Sunday. It is just a few people in the guild prefer weekends to do stuff, so I am trying but Weekends are really random for me. Especially when the weather is pretty I tend to not be home..

Also! If you happen to have an event you would like to do and the time and date falls on my "general do stuff time" let me know & I will take mine down & put it some where else.

I am a huge calendar person. I figured making things casual for me could mean just not actually posting events, but I really like to see stuff that I do. I am also a big list person. You don't have to be a calendar person to help organize and do stuff here just fyi.

The turned: Right now we are hovering between 15 and 16 people. When we get to 19 I'll be looking for another "the turned" (guild representative/recruiter). There is more of a description under ranks, but I will go into a general description. You would rep the guild at least 85% of the time, so basically we are your main guild. There are a few new people I think do this, but most people including our current "undeads" do not, so if you are interested chances are you would be a person that would need to make some priority adjustments.
The recruitment part consists of helping w/recruiting people. It does not have to be every day, perhaps once a week or so for a little bit. You can hit the forums, talk to people in-game, or even pug for people (don't over do the pug guild spamming). There is no quota.
You also get promoting/demoting/ and kicking abilities, so if you see someone acting crazy you can give them the boot (we have had really good people so far & have yet to kick crazy people). You can help pay attention to who should be an undead and who should not be an undead any more or who ever ever represents ever in their life and should be an ankle biter.
The Guild representative part means you should be relatively social. Help make people feel welcome & included in stuff. Make an effort to greet people as they get on, and respond to request for help or posts in guild chat. Even if you can't help a person at that time, acknowledge them and let them know that.

Yeah so if you are interested let me know. Even if you are brand new it would be greatly appreciated to have you.

k that is it.. any questions let me know. cya later.